Natural wood extracts

ESENCIA® has extensive experience in the production and extraction of wood compounds.

The guarantee of high quality woody sensations and controlled aromatic contribution

All our extracts are made from carefully selected raw materials that guarantee:

  • Wood origin.
  • Air drying and controlled maturation.
  • Different toasting levels.
  • Traceability from the stave to the extract.

Our know-how combined with a high performance production tool and rigorous quality control (both analytical and organoleptic) ensure overall control of the quality of our wood extracts.

Sensation boisées - ESENCIA

Range of wood extracts
(natural oak extracts)

Water based / French oak

Intense aromatic toasting

Low aromatic toasting

Fresh / provides structure

Alcohol-based / American oak

Fresh agricultural alcohol

Fresh wine alcohol


The use of the products available here may be subject to specific regulations. Please consult and conform to current legislation.

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