Specialist in natural extracts and aromas
for alcoholic beverages and spirits

ESENCIA® produces and formulates natural extracts and aromas from raw materials selected for their aromatic profile.

ESENCIA®: historic producer of natural extracts since 1930

The experience we have acquired over the decades allows us to meet our clients’ demands by offering extracts of isolated raw materials (quassia for Bitter…), and also more complex extracts made up of several plants, spices, citrus… (extracts for Vermouth…).

The raw materials selected in accordance with our quality charter are subject to controlled maceration, in order to optimise extraction of the aromatic compounds that characterise them.

ESENCIA® : Producteur

ESENCIA®: customised aroma formulator

The heart of ESENCIA®’s business is the aromatisation of alcoholic beverages and spirits. The close link with the LAFFORT® and BIOLAFFORT® R&D group allows ESENCIA® to constantly improve its expertise in spirit drinks and adapt its aromatic formulations to different alcoholic bases.

Thanks to this know-how and monitoring new market trends, ESENCIA® custom-develops personalised, original aromas adapted to different alcoholic beverages.

ESENCIA® : Formulateur d’arômes à façon

Trending aromas


Mixes of aromatic and bitter herbs, revealing subtle notes of absinthes nuanced by the sweetness of a delicate vanilla.


A delicate blend of hop flowers reminiscent of lager beers, with floral notes and a hint of pink grapefruit.


Refreshing lemony and green notes, evoking lemongrass and bringing roundness and acidity in the mouth. It will bring a rich intensity to your drinks.


Pleasant notes of sweet flowers, fresh berries enhanced by a tangy touch on the palate.

ESENCIA® and your custom-made formulations